Dig it, Higher Education in Åbo Akademi, Turku on November 1st

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Dig it, Higher Education in Tritonia, Vaasa on 12 September 

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for participating Dig it, Higher Education 12 September!

Here is the video recording from the first session:

Here are the materials from some of the workshops


Welcome to Dig it, Higher Education seminar on 12 September! The seminar welcomes staff in higher education institutions to participate in creating the future of higher education and learn more in versatile workshops and pop-ups.

Registration by 9.9.2019 http://bit.ly/HELLADigit
The seminar is free of charge. You can join for a specific session or the whole day.

What’s in it for me?


9.00-11.30 The future for higher education pedagogy (In English)
See video recording
Tritonia Auditorium Nissi or online participation

Welcome and coffee

  • The future for HELLA – the future for higher education pedagogy, Michael Uljens (ÅAU)
  • Telling a Story: a Case of Narrative Gamification in Digital Learning, Johannes Sumuvuori (UVA)
  • AR, VR and AI – Something for the future education, Eva Mårell-Olsson, (UmU)
  • Looking ahead: Futureproofing higher education, Linda Mannila (ÅA & LiU)

11.30-12.30 Lunch at your own expense

12.30-13.30 Workshops (see more information below)

  • Digital storytelling – what and how? Linda Mannila (ÅAU & LiU) & Heidi Blom (VAMK) (Continues at 14.00)
  • Improve the usability of your Moodle courses, EduLab (Tritonia) & Joachim Majors (Experience Lab, ÅAU)
  • Digging in the didactic design in higher ed, course participants + Charlotta Hilli (ÅAU) & Sanna Eronen (UVA)
  • Utilizing Learning Analytics in Teaching and Assessment, Tomi Rautaoja (UTU, ViLLE-team)

13.30-14.00 Pop-up break 

14.00-16.00 Workshops (see more information below)

  • Pepper robot in higher education, Sören Andersson and Susanne Hägglund (Experience Lab, ÅAU) CANCELLED
  • Digital storytelling – what and how? Linda Mannila (ÅAU & LiU) & Heidi Blom (VAMK)
  • Improve the usability of your Moodle courses, EduLab (Tritonia) & Joachim Majors (Experience Lab, ÅAU)
  • Digging in the didactic design in higher ed, course participants + Charlotta Hilli (ÅAU) & Sanna Eronen (UVA)

12.30-15.00 Pop-ups in Tritonia
lobby on 3rd floor
Welcome to the pop-up lobby to network with your colleagues from local universities, check out some digital tools for teaching and learning and learn about studies in higher education pedagogy and Edulab’s services. You can also learn more about Web Accessibility Directive, researching and developing teaching at the University of Vaasa, EXAM – Electronic exam software and hear experiences in MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course).

NB! This seminar can be registered as a Tritonia EduLab short course. You can register the first section “The future for higher education pedagogy” and/or the second section “Workshops” as a short course. Notice that you will have to participate in one longer workshop or two shorter workshops in total ca 2 hours.

If you want to get the seminar participation registered as a Tritonia EduLab short course, fill in the information and write a reflection (ca 300 words) on the content after the seminar. Use the following form: http://bit.ly/DigItReflection More information: edulab@tritonia.fi


Digital storytelling – what and how? (in  Finnish, Swedish and/or English)

Linda Mannila (ÅAU & LiU) & Heidi Blom (VAMK)

Tritonia K319 & K322

In this workshop you will learn about digital storytelling as a method and get hands-on experience with some techniques and technologies that can be used for creating digital stories. After the break, you will have the chance to plan and create your very own story in small groups with the help of the workshop leaders.

Improve the usability of your Moodle courses (in Swedish, Finnish and/or English)
EduLab (Tritonia) & Joachim Majors (Experience Lab, ÅAU)

Tritonia K320 or online
12.30-13.30 & 14.00-15.00 (same contents)

This workshop will give you tools and techniques on how to create user friendly online courses. Topics the workshop will cover are:

  • What is User Centered Design
  • How does it work and how can I follow the principles of User Centered Design to make my Moodle courses more user friendly?
  • VIMM-model (visual, intellect, memory, motor)
  • Work in pairs or small group: evaluating Moodle-course from a VIMM point of view.

Please bring your own device!

Digging in the didactic design in higher ed (in English)
course participants + Charlotta Hilli (ÅAU) & Sanna Eronen (UVA)

University of Vaasa, D102 or online
12.30-13.30 & 14.00-16.00

This workshop concludes the course “Didactic design of courses in higher education”. During the workshop the participants of the course will introduce their thematic posters plus get us workshop participants actively involved (á 30min). Thus, you can expect to walk away from the workshop with a fresh view on teaching and learning in higher ed, plus a nice portfolio of activating methods used in a classroom. The poster presentations are in English, feel free to join us, and take part in discussion both in Finnish and Swedish, too. Here are the themes listed so far:

Student engagement online: when a course is ran like a company
Enabling online group collaboration
Variation theory
Formative Assessment
Problem based learning

Utilizing Learning Analytics in Teaching and Assessment 
(in English and/or Finnish)
Tomi Rautaoja (UTU, ViLLE-team)

Only online in Zoom, 12.30-13.15
A lot of diverse data can be collected from learning situations in order to develop teaching, learning, and evaluation. How can you collect this kind of data and how can you interpret it rationally? We will discuss possibilities with learning analytics, challenges with interpretation of data and some examples of how to use learning analytics in teaching. We will also take a look at the learning environment ViLLE, developed by the Centre for Learning Analytics at University of Turku, which is widely used in Finland, from preschool education to higher education. ViLLE collects data from learning and visualizes it, which makes it an effective tool for teachers.

Pepper robot in higher education (in  Finnish, Swedish and/or English)
Sören Andersson and Susanne Hägglund (Experience Lab, ÅAU)

Tritonia, Vuokko, 14.00-16.00

Humanoid socialrobots have enrolled in classrooms and higher education. Together, we’ll explore how robotics may on the one hand augment education and assist teachers and students on the other. A humanoid social robot, Pepper, is joining us in the discussion as well. The workshop contains of three parts, a presentation, interaction with Pepper and working groups.

Meet Pepper!

Contact: edulab@tritonia.fi