The overall goal of the HELLA project is to develop digital solutions, contents and concepts in a research based, user-centered, multidisciplinary and collaborative way.

The research within the project interdisciplinarily follows the principles of interpretive action research, developing work studies and pedagogical design studies. Testing digital solutions and technological applications on a target group is part of the development work. The added value of the pedagogical solutions will be studied and evaluated with methods of experiential learning. The study is theoretically based mainly on non-affirmative theory of education. Dissertation research and post doc studies are included in the project. The research will be published in international journals and compiled works.

Online open access book:

Uljens bok
Editors, Michael Uljens, Rose M. Ylimaki. Bridging Educational Leadership, Curriculum Theory and Didaktik, Non-affirmative Theory of Education. 2017.




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Rintamäki, Katri (presenter) & Lehto, Anne (2018). “A digital information literacy course for university teachers: Challenges and possibilities”. The 39th Annual IATUL Conference, 17-22 June 2018 in Oslo, Norway. Abstract