HELLA – Higher Education Learning Lab – is a 60 ECTS study module in higher education pedagogy that gives you teacher qualifications.

The first work package (WP1) is based on the already existing courses in university pedagogy and educational digitalization, which are planned for the staff in higher education institutions in Vaasa. These courses will be opened for all higher education institutions involved in the project and an operating model will be made for the joint use of the courses.

This section will be carried out mainly by developing a new study module in higher education pedagogy (60 ECTS) based on already existing study modules. The section will be based on the Learning in Networks (LIN) study module that is organized by Tritonia’s EduLab and the study module Universitetspedagogik (25 ECTS) that is organized by Åbo Akademi.

The goal of the development work in spring 2017 was to plan the new module to meet the requirements of universities and universities of applied sciences. The study module will be carried out in three languages according to already existing principles for the Tritonia Academic Library. Åbo Akademi University will grant the degree of 60 ECTS in university pedagogy. The higher education institutions that are involved in the project can, however, answer for the planning and execution of various courses.

As a result of the development work in Work Package 1, a new 60 ECTS curriculum structure was drafted. Åbo Akademi University approved it as a new study module. This structure forms the basis for the HELLA project and for developing the pedagogy in higher education. The final structure will be introduced on August 1, 2019.

Basic Studies, 25 ECTS
Introduction to teaching in higher education, 5 ECTS*
Didactical design of courses in higher education, 5 ECTS*
Digital teaching and learning in higher education, 5 ECTS*
Digital tools for teaching and learning, 5 ECTS*
Teaching practice 1, 5 ECTS

Intermediate Studies, 35 ECTS
Educational counselling and supervision, 5 ECTS
Pedagogical content knowledge, 5 ECTS
Curriculum leadership, 5 ECTS*
Teaching practice 2, 5 ECTS
Digital literacy and information resources, 5 ECTS*
Developmental work research, 5 ECTS
Research and development work, 5 ECTS

You can choose courses marked with * in academic year 2018-2019
You can choose separate courses instead of the whole study module.
It is possible to get credits from previous courses in higher education pedagogy transferred to this study module.

The study module in higher education pedagogy is for the staff in the higher education institutions involved in the project.
More information: https://www.tritonia.fi/en/edulab_hella60
Register for courses: https://www.tritonia.fi/en/shortcourses

Contact information: edulab@tritonia.fi